The most successful products and services procured on the marketplace always follow the rule of┬áthe 3 C’s. This rule states that successful acquisitions will have clear specifications for what is being purchased, a competitive supply base that can be engaged to provide pricing and a large enough quantity to make it a compelling spend. These three factors describe the majority of the goods and services Buyers procure for their organizations each year. Here three examples of such procurements made on Unison Marketplace.


3 Examples of Recent Successful Buys

Software Support

Software purchases, license renewals and support services are very common on the marketplace and are highly competitive. In January, a Buyer successfully fulfilled a requirement for CA eHealth and CA Spectrum software support for one base year of service with one additional option year. There was an initial roadblock over a mandatory support reinstatement fee for the software, but our team helped the Sellers communicate this issue to the Buyer and clarify what was needed. Even though the opportunity was set-aside for small business, it still received high competition with 5 Sellers bidding a total of 16 time.

Snow Removal Service

Upstate New York is known for its snowy winters and to keep operations open, a Buyer put out a request for snow removal at two offices. Given the nature of the services, this opportunity ended up being limited to companies located very close to the two locations as most interested vendors needed to walk both of the sites to put together accurate pricing. The Unison Sourcing Team made an extensive outreach effort to local Sellers and assisted 4 vendors through the registration and bidding process. The Buyer was able to save $7,500 on a service that has kept their doors open this winter.

Bus Transportation

Purchasing buses on Unison Marketplace certainly meets the 3 C’s rule, but did you know Buyers also have success in scheduling transportation services on the Marketplace? A Buyer recently had the need to coordinate 7 charter bus trips throughout the northeast for this coming summer. They required a variety of trip sizes and destinations over the course of the contract performance. Despite these complexities, this acquisition successfully closed with 4 bids from national and regional companies, 2 of which beat the incumbent’s pricing to show $5,000 in savings.

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