What challenges do you face as a contracts professional


“This job is so easy.”

Do you know who said that? No one who did your job. That’s why Unison works with our clients and cohorts in the industry to discuss pressing concerns in the GovCon Contracts profession.

Unison CLM spearheaded a request to the industry so we could better understand challenges in government contracting. The question is simple — what obstacles do you face in your role as a contracts professional?

We surveyed a broad range of government contracts professionals to understand their main challenges and the risks they face, both individually and as a company.

The white paper, based on the survey results, summarizes our research on risks and the ways that leaders in GovCon overcome those difficulties.

Some key findings we expand on in the white paper:

  • Challenges are similar across company size and industry
  • Working virtually over the past two years has exposed inefficiencies
  • Workload is increasing while time and resources stay the same


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Overcome challenges with Unison CLM

Unison Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) provides contracts professionals an intuitive, efficient, integrated approach to accurately and promptly answer data calls and fully comply with FAR/DFARS and agency-specific regulations. CLM provides comprehensive support to contract professionals from pre-award through subcontract flow-downs. CLM integrates easily with standard CRM and financial tools, creating a consistent view of contract data.

Our clients say that Unison CLM has increased their productivity by more than 26%.

Benefits across the board:

  • Finance will get accurate reports quickly and boost efficiency and scalability
  • Business Development will increase revenue with instant access to past performance and available contract vehicles
  • Legal and Compliance will receive enhanced transparency and minimize the risk of penalties and settlements.
  • Program Management will get prompt notifications about funding, invoices, and payments.


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