FY18 has come to an end and now Sellers get to take a breather from the hectic bidding and work towards fulfilling the contract(s) they may have been awarded. So, what’s next after you win a contract on Unison Marketplace? It’s easy, and we will help you along the way.

what happens after you are awarded a contract

#1 – The Day of the Award 
Once the Buyer issues an award through Unison Marketplace, we will send you their contact information, a buy summary and an invoice for the Unison Marketplace fee.

#2 – End of the Week
We will send you a list of all the awards you have received in the past week. Congratulations!

#3 – Before Delivery
A week before any deliveries are due, we will send you a reminder with information on what is owed to the Buyer.

#4 When Your Invoice is Ready
Within a few days of an award, your Unison invoice will be sent to you. Invoices can be paid immediately but are due no later than 60 days after award. If you have questions regarding your invoice, send a note to Invoicing@UnisonGlobal.com.

We have a dedicated support team standing by, ready to take your calls should you need any additional support throughout the post-award process. Visit our Customer Support Portal to browse common questions or submit a question.

Call: 1-877-933-3243
Email: MarketplaceSupport@UnisonGlobal.com
Visit: Customer Support Portal

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