Comparison of Approaches to Contract Management Red Flags

Generic contract software, ERP bolt-ons, and home grown contracting technologies have proven:

  • costly,
  • risky,
  • time consuming, and
  • lacking core requirements of government contracting.

Beware of “red flags” raised by alternative approaches to a contract management system designed specifically for government contractors:


By using a contract management system designed for government contractors, such as Unison CLM, you can:

  • Automate urgent, tedious, high-volume aspects of FAR/DFARS compliance
  • Quickly and completely respond to data calls without digging through old paper files
  • Easily manage subcontract flow-downs and ensure accuracy and compliance
  • Integrate with your ERP system to save time, reduce data entry errors
  • Avoid penalties, revenue withholds, and settlements


Unison CLM is secure, quick to setup, easy-to-use, and fully compliant.

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