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The Data Extraction Module solves the hurdle of manual data entry, uniting advanced automation with a strategic edge for GovCon professionals.

Dulles, VA – Unison, a leading provider of software solutions and insights in government acquisitions, today announced the launch of its cutting-edge Data Extraction (DE) Module, a tool designed to enhance the day-to-day operations of government contract professionals.

“Identifying data entry as a substantial bottleneck in contract management, the DE Module harnesses advanced automation to simplify a once daunting task,” said Melissa Amdahl, Product Director of Unison Contract Lifecycle Management. “Beyond optimizing operations, the DE Module frees contract professionals from the grind of data management, enabling them to focus their expertise on strategic objectives.”

The DE Module utilizes machine learning capabilities to extract contract data automatically from scanned documents and digital files. This substantially reduces the time allocated to manual data entry. Key features of the DE Module include 97% clause data accuracy, 50% faster CLIN extraction, and 90% faster clause extraction.

While the benefits of implementing a Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) system are widely acknowledged, data entry has often posed a substantial barrier to adoption. The Unison DE Module tackles this issue head-on, offering value to both newcomers and existing users of UnisonCLM.

“This is a significant accomplishment for our team,” Amdahl continued. “Our goal was to create an environment where technology takes care of routine tasks, allowing contracts professionals to apply their expertise in strategic planning and decision-making. This shift marks a profound change in their daily work.”

Unison’s Data Extraction Module introduces a shift in contract management, making technology a supportive ally rather than a hurdle.

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