Professional services

Unison Training

Unison has designed software training with the understanding that individuals perceive and understand information in different ways and at different paces. Our sessions provide real world tools, methods, and experience that save users time and cut costs. This training flattens the learning curve and gets users off to a running start.

Learning Management System (LMS)

Through Unison’s Learning Management System (LMS), we have introduced new ways users can be trained above and beyond the classroom.  This online portal will track the progress of completion of online courses and videos and provide certificates to be used for Continuous Learning Points (CLPs).  When your agency subscribes to the LMS, custom videos can be created to provide the agency’s users a library of training content at their fingertips.  These videos can be updated over time as new functionality and releases are installed and implemented.

How-To Videos

The How-To Videos are Unison’s new way to visualize help text for your agency’s users.  With a How-To Video subscription, custom videos will be built for each page you request, providing step-by-step visual instruction on how to complete different pages and tasks.  Examples of videos could include: How to fill out the funding page on a requisition, how to load a clause template, how to edit a section, how to load a supporting document folder template, etc.  New videos can be added, and the existing videos can be modified, as new functionality or business process changes happen.

Classroom Training

Unison offers a variety of classroom training to provide hands-on experience for new or existing users.  These courses are taught by a Unison functional expert and are designed to expose users to the Unison functionality specific to their job requirements.  When ordering a class, please keep in mind that a minimum of 6 users is required to hold the class at your agency’s training room.


Course Title Course Duration
Custom Class Agency Choice
System Administrator 3 Days
Buyers and Contracts Specialists 5 Days
Agreements Officers and Specialists 3 Days
Requisitioner and Approver 1 Day


Custom Class

Unison Custom Training courses are developed to address the agency’s specific learning requirements and provide the agency with the utmost flexibility in designing an effective course. When developing a customized course for your agency, any functionality that exists within the Acquisition and Financial Assistance modules is a potential area that can be added to your custom course, including training new functionality with a system upgrade. Uses standard Unison Training Workbooks. Custom documentation will be quoted separately if required.


System Administration

System Administration Training will guide the user through the process of setting up system configurations from start to finish, specific to an agency’s needs and business rules. The course is designed with a variety of lectures and hands-on exercises to provide real-world experience to the users. A sample of the topics covered in training include: Agency and Site Configuration, Setup of Security Guidelines and Privileges, Creating Users, Setup of System Codes and Templates, Creating Agency Clause Databases and Clause Templates, System Bypasses, Document Workflow/Workload Configuration, Document Formatting/Printing Configuration and System Maintenance Tasks.


Buyers and Contracts Specialist

The Buyers and Contracts Specialists course is designed for users who need to understand and use the Unison software throughout the full procurement lifecycle.  It demonstrates how Unison Reporting can be used to track and analyze procurement activities. Through a series of lectures and hands-on exercises, this course will guide the students through each step of creating and editing all procurement documents, including: Requisitions, Solicitations, Purchase Orders, Contracts, Blanket Purchase Agreements, Delivery Orders and Modifications to Awards.  The creation of Standard and Ad-Hoc reporting will also be covered to show users how the data can be extracted and viewed. Students will learn how Unison creates an Integrated Acquisition Environment by utilizing commitments and obligations and how these transactions are processed through financial interfaces for each step of the procurement cycle; from the initial identification of the need in creating the Requisition to the final steps of Invoicing, Acceptance and Document Closeout.


Agreements Officers and Specialists

The Agreement Officers and Specialists course is designed for users who need to understand how to use the Unison software for the full financial assistance lifecycle and how Unison Reporting can be used to track and analyze financial assistance activities, including Financial and Performance reporting. Through a series of lectures and hands-on exercises, this course will guide the students through each step of creating and editing all financial assistance documents including: Requisitions, Funding Opportunities, Assistance Agreements/Cooperative Agreements, and Post-Award Grant Management. Students will learn how Unison interfaces with a financial management system and Grants.Gov to create an environment where all financial assistance activities can be completed electronically.


Requisitioner and Approver

The Unison Requisitioner and Approver Training course is designed for users who create, edit and approve requisitions. Through a series of lectures and hands-on exercises, this course will guide the students through each step of the requisition creation process, how to edit and amend requisitions, electronic routing and approvals/disapprovals. Students will also learn how Unison interfaces with financial management systems creating an Integrated Acquisition Environment.


If your agency wishes to order training for an in-person class, but the users are located in multiple locations around the country, the Webinar training is an excellent option. Unison will lead a training class through live online tutorials with no limit to the number of users you wish to attend.  These classes can run for a maximum of 4 hours.  Examples of webinar classes are: Approver/Reviewer and Requisitioner.