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Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting for Federal Agencies

Federal budgeteers are faced with limited resources as they juggle execution, formulation, and congressional action to meet mission objectives and performance targets. Amidst manual processes and fragmented systems, inefficiencies are rife and collaborative opportunities get lost. In its current form, the federal budgeting process is a cumbersome task calling for a dynamic shift. Unison Planning, Budgeting, and Forecasting (PBF) is the innovative force behind this shift—driving the federal budgeting landscape into the future.

Revolutionize federal budgeting and take a leap forward in unification, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Unison PBF alters the budget landscape by transitioning from tedious manual tasks to insightful, value-driven analysis. By unifying fragmented data, fortifying it with validation rules, and contextualizing it, PBF creates a powerful budgeting knowledgebase enabling proactive, strategic, financial, and operational planning.

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Unified budgeting experience

Manage, track, modify and forecast your budget from a single interface.

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Comprehensive master tables

Capture and manage your agency’s complete budget authority seamlessly over any time frame.

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Decision support and appeals

Record decisions using PBF’s native decision support framework and tie each decision to any budgeting lifecycle for a transparent view of mission impacts.

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Performance Management

Institutionalize federal performance management with an integrated goal structure that links resources to strategic goals, objectives, and measures.

Long term drought image that is decorative and illustrates the blog title: " Software Scarcity: Why is Federal Budgeting Software as Elusive as a Full-Year Appropriation?"

Software Scarcity: Why is Federal Budgeting Software as Elusive as a Full-Year Appropriation?

Finding the right federal budgeting software is no small feat. Developing the technology demands specialized knowledge, strict adherence to regulations, and a relentless commitment to adaptation. Success hinges on blending deep federal expertise with cutting-edge technology while staying agile amidst ever-changing policies.

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Why Unison.

Unison PBF is built from 40 years of foundational expertise working with the federal government and developing innovative software solutions. Our flagship solution, PRISM, is widely recognized as the most powerful and intuitive contract writing system among federal agencies. Every step taken with us brings you decades of knowledge and insight.

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Over 40 years dedicated to the success of federal agencies and their prime contractors. 40
Serving all 15 cabinet-level agencies 15
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More than 200,000 government contractor, defense, intel, and civilian users 200K
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Dynamic modules designed to support the unique needs of the federal budgeting and forecasting process.

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Simplify planning and swiftly analyze the effects of execution decisions on future budgets.

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Track program changes, evaluate impacts on future resource needs, adjust processes to fit your agency’s programming demands.

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Connect performance data to publish key documents (e.g., Annual Performance Plan, Reports, strategic plans, quarterly performance reports). Integrate performance with workforce planning for outcome insights.

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Easily create budgets, include built-in rates and program changes, publish anytime, align with congressional action, map data, and convert CBJ to the President’s budget with one click.

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Generate precise estimated and actual spending plans for total agency budget resources. Convert plans to SF-132 apportionments, automate funds control, and efficiently manage budget demands with streamlined workflows. Learn more »

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Forecasting, ETL, Reporting

Transform transactions into insightful analyses. Use what-if scenarios to visualize decision impacts, merge budget amounts with employment data for a holistic view of agency operations and forecast the future effectively.


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