Everyone has their own individual contracting strategy. Nevertheless, the differences between a poor contracting strategy and an ideal contracting strategy are clear:

Poor Contracting Strategy:

  • Waits until the last minute
  • Obligates funds without understanding the requirement
  • Treats all requirements the same
  • Does not obtain or communicate with team and higher-level approvers
  • Fails to establish clear and simple evaluation criteria.


Ideal Contracting Strategy:

  • Meets the customer’s need
  • Identifies the requirement’s complexities
  • Is founded on market research
  • Engages the most effective available strategy
  • Establishes clear communication both with the customer AND industry.


How Unison Marketplace Can Help

Unison Marketplace is an online acquisition platform that assists Buyers in purchasing the goods and services needed to fulfill their procurement strategies. Buyers on the Marketplace gain access to dedicated account teams to maximize success, compliant documentation on all actions, and a Marketplace research tool to aid in building solicitations.

Once you determine the type of contract, how you proceed is at your discretion. GWACs and solicitation options on the Marketplace today include:

  • All GWAC contract vehicles (GSA, Army CHESS, NASA SEWP V) in one place
  • DHS First Source II
  • Internal Agency Contracts
  • Agency Specific BPAs/IDIQs
  • Option Year Contracts
  • Full and Open Competition


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