Contract Lifecycle Management

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Take control of your contracts with contract management software designed by experts.


Unison Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is designed by government contract experts, for government contract experts—enabling you to streamline the entire lifecycle of government contracts and subcontracts, from creation and negotiation to renewal and closeout.

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Purpose-built with embedded best practices to automate tedious processes and go-live quickly

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Comprehensive, out-of-the-box options with configuration flexibility to meet business needs

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Audit ready for DCAA, DCMA, and other compliance requirements

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Get automatic updates on FAR, DFARS, and other agency supplemental libraries

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Reduce time spent on manual tasks, searches and excessive data entry and spend more time on higher-value contract advice and counsel

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Improve transparency across Prime and Subcontractors with integrated contract data

Key capabilities of Unison CLM software.

Manage the entire contract lifecycle from pre-award to subcontracts in a single system

Platform agnostic and integration-friendly. No CRM? No problem

Independently FedRAMP Moderate Authorized

Automated DCAA briefs and ability to manage SLINS, CLINS, ACRNS, and more.


Powerful search functionality via simple contract library navigation


Data extraction tool that automates manual data entry and streamlines implementation


Comprehensive out-of-the-box capabilities that fit your organization’s needs.


Capture and validate key information throughout the process.


Streamline and automate all aspects of managing Prime contract awards.


Minimize data entry and maximize data integrity with leading subcontract flowdown management.

CDRL Prime

Effectively manage data deliverables as a prime or subcontractor.

Seamless enhancements and services to simplify and enrich your CLM experience.

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Data Extraction

Automatically maintain up to date information from new awards and contract modifications.
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Out-of-the-box configurable APIs that accelerate and enhance integration.

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Advanced Connector

Enhanced integration with existing enterprise systems, including ERPs, CRMs, and more.

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Extract clauses from RFPs and contracts, validate dates, analyze risk, and generate mandatory flow down clauses.
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Take control of your contracts