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Automate modifications to federal awards and grants in bulk process.

Unison Bulk Mods automates the time-consuming process of administrative type modifications to awards and grants in a bulk process.

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Reduce time spent on administrative type mods, such as changing a COR, updating invoice procedures, changing addresses, and more

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Enable acquisition offices, contracting officers and grant officers to focus on other mission critical needs

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Key features

Unison Bulk Mods is an enterprise robotic App, automating modifications to federal awards and grants in bulk process.

  • Auto-create SF-30
  • Auto-create contract mod updating data element (e.g. COR, CO, Grant Officer, Addresses, etc.)
  • Automatically complete validations
  • Automatically send through approval process, if necessary
  • Automatically complete FPDS-NG record for mod, if necessary

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