Navigate quickly and efficiently through the contracting process.

Unison Pathfinder helps the acquisition workforce navigate the acquisition lifecycle quickly and efficiently.

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Map the procurement process through dynamic content that explains the core contracting processes from requirements development through contract closeout.

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Train interns, new hires, and mid-careerists in different contracting methodologies.

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Promote consistency and compliance through the entire Acquisition lifecycle.

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Key Features

Pathfinder supports the use of standardized sets of policies, processes and procedures which promote consistency and compliance through a holistic contracting environment. Following policy-prescribed processes and on-the-job training to maintain acquisition workforce certifications are an essential component to building a strong team.

  • Customizable process routes
  • 24/7 access to the complete set of current policies, processes, and procedures
  • Best practices, cautions, and lessons learned
  • Streamline the contracting process
  • Improved communication between contracting and acquisition personnel
  • More efficient, effective, and consistent training
A dynamic visual map guides you through the contracting process.

Processes can be viewed from requirements development through contract closeout.

Modules, Apps, and Bots

Extend your capabilities.

Lean about related modules, robotic process automation tools, and other Unison products that can help you maximize mission success.

Market Research Assistant

The Unison Market Research Assistant automates the otherwise time consuming and complex market research process with AI technology, allowing you to focus in on your core business needs.

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Unison Accelerator enables program and technical leaders to collaborate easily with acquisition professionals to shorten lead time by accurately completing acquisition plans and packages.

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Unison Insight uses the latest data-mining, AI, and RPA technologies to give acquisition teams powerful reporting and analytical capabilities.

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Unison’s flagship PRISM module offers a holistic approach to acquisition lifecycle management and is widely recognized as the most powerful and intuitive contract writing system. It enables acquisition professionals to efficiently and effectively complete federal acquisition tasks, in a compliant[...]

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PRISM Grants

PRISM Grants is widely recognized as the most powerful and intuitive financial assistance system. It delivers a robust tool set designed specifically for government programs and manages all aspects of an award, from initial offering and application evaluation through award[...]

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VAO is a comprehensive workforce development solution that engages acquisition professionals and their peers and boosts their productivity and career potential. VAO includes collaboration and productivity tools, best practices templates, online curricula, and summaries of breaking regulatory and legislative news[...]

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Leadership Hub

Unison Leadership Hub enables acquisition leaders to engage their teams and call attention to key initiatives, policy changes, and important dates with a centralized location for salient, current guidance, training, and news.

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Unison Marketplace optimizes the way that buyers source the right products and services, at the right time, at the best price. Marketplace is an online venue supported by sourcing experts always available to help with all stages of the acquisition[...]

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